Boating should be fun

When crossing the bar – either at the Gold Coast or other seaway – make sure all passengers are wearing a life jacket.  Conditions can be deceiving and a sudden swell or wave can put a sudden end to what should have been a fun day on the water.  Safety first.

Old paper boat licence

If you still carry your old paper Boat Licence with you talk to your nearest Department of Transport to have it transferred to your current Drivers Licence. There is nothing worse losing your pape work and then being forced to redo your boat licence.

Interstate Boat Licences

If you have an interstate boat licence and live in Queensland you should transfer your licence into a Quensland licence. A Queensland boat and jet ski licence is for life and does not expire.   For more information refer to Maritime Safety QLD

Jet Ski Safety changes

The safety equipment required when using a jet ski will change as of 1st January 2012.  Additional equipment required may include: flares V-sheet anchor navigation equipment – charts, GPS For more information please refer to Maritime Safety Queensland site

Safe boating

It’s always a good idea to do your pre-checks at home to avoid being stuck at the boat ramp.  Check battery operation and ensure that the motor starts.  This can save much frustration on boat ramps which can get quite congested during peak periods.

Licence Required

Did you know that if you have moved to Australia you need a Boat Licence?  While you may have steered boats previously, you must have a current Boat Licence.  This particularly applies to newcomers from New Zealand where boat licences are not mandatory. Operating a boat or jet ski without a licence may attract a fine…

Book your course today!

Christmas and Summer Boating fun are just around the corner.  Boat and Jetski licences are compulsory and licences are cheaper than fines!  Book your course by calling 0428 729 355 today.

Gift Vouchers

Why not give that special someone a Gift Voucher for a boat and jetski licence?  Ideal for the outdoor enthusiast or for your teenage children.  Gift vouchers are ideal as staff incentives or rewards. Gift vouchers are available at the training centre,  drop us an email or phone 0428 729 355.

Renaming ceremonies

Some links to help you enjoy safe passage on either new or renamed vessels.

What’s New?

Maritime Safety Queensland recommends doing a refresher course if you got your boat or jetski licence some time ago. Update your boating knowledge and be a responsible skipper and for years to come you can provide a safer and more enjoyable experience when out on the water. For refresher courses call Aussie Boating on 0428…