Winter boating break

Before you put your boat into hibernation, just remember to empty the fuel tanks;  give the boat a good clean and ensure that all moving parts are lubricated.   This is also a good time to get your boat serviced.

Winter Special

Book in for a boat license with Aussie Boating in June and receive a FREE Boat Safe Workbook.  Boating courses can be completed in just one day, are fun and presented in such a way that the material is easy to learn.  Book your boat and jet ski licence by calling 0428 729 355 today.

Winter boating

Winter may be upon us but it’s still a beautiful time of year to go boating.  The water is actually much calmer because the wind drops.  Just remember to take a jacket with you next time you head out on the pristine Gold Coast waterways.

Notice to all Boaties

Due to recent heavy rainfall waterways are currently carrying lots of debris, including logs and rubbish.  Also, note that crab pots may have shifted due to stronger than normal currents.  If you do go out boating, take extra care to avoid possible damage to your vessel.  Remember to keep a proper lookout.

Just in case …

After having your boat/motor serviced, make sure you give it a trial run on the water – before venturing out on a longer trip.

Minimum age

You have to be 16 years of age in order to have a boat and  jet ski licence.  However, you can attend the course up to six weeks before your 16th birthday.  You must wait until your birthday to present the Certificate of Competency at any Queensland Transport Department.

Don't delay

Once you have obtained your Certificate of Competency for a boat and/or jetski licence, you must present this to any Queensland Transport Department within six months of date of issue.